Property damage (from car accidents) and getting paid

Can I get paid for damage to my vehicle? Every car accident, even a collision with a parked car, causes some property damage. Auto body shop repairs are expensive, and whether you are injured or not, you are entitled to receive compensation for those damages. Millions of people have seen these examples. The driver liable (legally responsible for) a motor vehicle accident is responsible for paying for both damage to your person (bodily injury) and your property (your car, truck, bike, motorcycle, boat, or plane) that was damaged in the accident. While an insurance company may ultimately pay for [...]

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Car accident?

Injured in a car accident? It’s wintertime and accidents happen. If you’ve been injured, or your car damaged in an accident, Hoke Law can help. Whether you were the driver or a passenger, Hoke Law will provide personalized service and guide you through the legal process and get you what you deserve. An experienced attorney representing you can make all of the difference. Hoke Law will speak for you and put pressure on the insurance companies to do what is right and help reduce some of the anger and anxiety with the process.   Please contact Hoke Law for [...]

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Silence is golden.

People love to tell their stories. Unfortunately, this is all too true even for people who have just been arrested. Silence is golden. Ask someone if they know their Miranda rights. Most everyone will say that they do, "It's that thing that police say to people they arrest on TV. Right?" Ask that same person what those rights are. You will be lucky to get the full list. Take a moment to read your Miranda rights: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have [...]

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